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With a warm glow, delicious fragrances, and handcrafted beauty. The Original Cake Candle™ turns time spent with family and friends into time making memories. So slow down, relax and start making every moment a special occasion.
4x4.5 in. Cake Candles™
Bunt Delights® enhance every setting and enrich every experience. Create a warm, soothing mood that relaxes and rejuvenates the soul. Instantly transform an ordinary room into one that is full of life and spirit.
Bunt Delight® Candles
These highly scented soy blend jar candles are a perfect fit to any decor and will fill your home with fragrance.
Soy Jar Candles
Fresh out of the oven! The aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls every time you light them!
Custom crafted by hand right here in the USA, Cake Crumbs® fill your home with the scent of homemade goodies. Mix scents or use one of your favorites in any suitable wax burner to fill your home with fragrances that accent your home and your life.
Cake Crumbs® Wax Potpourri
Enjoy a New Year's tradition year round - "Bayberry candles burned to the socket bring health to the home and wealth to the pocket!"
Bayberry Candles
Scented candles from Lumi-Lite are 100% American made, premium-quality and handcrafted in Norwich Ohio from the purest fragrances and finest waxes.
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