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About The Original Cake Candle Company®

"What began as a passion for chemistry and making candles more than 40 years ago has grown into one of the largest and most highly regarded candle manufacturers in the world today! "

Founded in the early '60’s Lumi-Lite® Candle Company, Inc., is a leader in the candle and candle fragrance technology. Masters of the Art of Candle Making and Fragrance Creation, we develop proprietary blends of fragrance, color and wax that are used to manufacture products that provide our customers the safest and highest quality products. We are the only candle manufacturer in the world with in-house candle and candle fragrance research and development facilities.

Lumi-Lite® Candle Company, Inc. was founded by William W. Wilson. As a child, he developed a passion for chemistry and making candles. An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Wilson made his living using his skills to produce handcrafted candles and was one of the first to produce scented candles.

In 1958 there were no commercially available fragrances, colors or wax formulations that could be used to make scented candles. Mr. Wilson’s Mastery of the Art of Scented Candle Making became quickly recognized throughout the fledgling industry. Requests for his fragrance, color and wax formulations became so frequent that he began to market a complete line of candle craft supplies under the name of Lumi-Craft®, still available today. The scented candle quickly replaced prior candle art and Lumi-Lite® Candle Co., Inc. took its place as an innovator and leader in the industry.

Bill Wilson’s vision more than 30 years ago was to be the best and produce only the very finest products. He and his staff continue to direct the development of fragrances, color systems and wax formulations that serve as the foundation of the highest quality candle products on the market today. His is still the standard by which quality fragranced candle products are measured. Today, Lumi-Lite® is a multi-million dollar organization supplying candles and fragrance items worldwide.

Lumi-Lite® is the name you have not seen on the products that we have produced since 1958. Lumi-Lite® is our private label division and as our president George Pappas explains, “We are a candle maker's candle maker.” This means that if you are seeking quality candle and fragrance products to add to your existing product line, we have the capability, confidentiality and experience to private label for you. We will work together as a team from the concept stage to the final delivery of the merchandise. Lumi-Lite® professionals are experienced in research and development, marketing, packaging, printing and all other aspects in product development.

Hearth & Home Traditions Ltd ® is the name you have seen on the products we have produced for our specialty gift division since the 1970’s. As a leader in this category, Hearth & Home Traditions Ltd ® invented “Crystallized Foliating Candles," “Blazing Sand®” prilled candle sand, and “Confection Candles.” It is world famous for The “Original” Cake Candle TM brand frosted pillars. Cake Candles TM feature masterfully handcrafted texture and color with unique fragrances that smell like real cakes. In addition, this complete line of fragranced products includes all types of handcrafted candles, confection candles, novelty candles, candle sand, botanical potpourri, liquid potpourri, fragrance oils, candle holders, accessories and much more. These quality products are designed and manufactured by Lumi-Lite® Candle Company, Inc. and are available from Hearth & Home Traditions Ltd ® retailers near you.

Lumi-Lite® and Hearth & Home Traditions Ltd ® stand fast to their commitment to the Craft and Art of making quality scented candles.



What began as a passion for chemistry and making scented candles more than 40 years ago has grown into one of the largest and most highly regarded candle manufacturers in the world today . . .
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